Environment- Preservation of the environment is a key priority to my campaign.  Palm Beach County is an attractive place to live, work, and vacation, and it is critical that Palm Beach County protects our beautiful environment, water sources, Everglades, parks, and waterways.  Because of the attractiveness of Palm Beach County, it is obvious that people will continue to move here, however, as the county continues to grow, it is critical that the impact to our environment is as minimal as possible.  It is also important that as our country grows, mechanisms are in place to preserve the outdoor areas by creating more, and larger, parks, agricultural preserves, etc.  Although we will continue to grow as a community, it cannot be to the detriment of our environment – and our environment must be preserved for future generations!

Zoning/Impact – Palm Beach County is a wonderful place to live and work and because of this, it is certain that our County will continue to see population increases and growth.  Therefore, it is important to make sure that as our county grows any decisions in zoning will take into consideration our environment – to ensure the impact is as minimal as possible.  What’s more, it is important to maintain our community and to ensure that any new improvements take into account our environment prior to any zoning changes or improvements, we want to avoid damage done to our environment due to over population, over building and congestion. Additionally, we need to ensure there is a proper ratio between residential, retail and business in our zoning decisions.  One of my key focuses will be to protect our waterways and make sure we preserve and have access to clean water.

Public Safety- Public safety is important to me and should be a priority for our community.  Palm Beach County deserves top-notch public safety protocols while maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship between law enforcement and the community.  Residents and visitors must feel safe at all times, and with the help of the community, we can continue to maintain an environment that people envy.  It is important to constantly improve the resources of the County as a whole to ensure that we maintain a safe environment for our children at schools and parks, our seniors who have contributed so much to our society, and to the public in general.  A safe community is a healthy and welcoming community.

Infrastructure- When new developments are approved we want to make sure we have the proper infrastructure in place to ensure not only a safe environment but a better transportation flow, we want to avoid traffic congestion by ensuring studies are done and recommendations are implemented at the time new developments are being built.  Creation of a more efficient infrastructure for the citizens of our County will drive growth and minimize impact on our environment.  In addition, it is important to proactively address infrastructure needs such as sewers, bridges, canals, etc. so that the stresses placed on these community resources are protected to prevent future issues.

Tax Impact – As someone who is fiscally conscious I want to ensure our tax dollars are spent smarter and more efficiently, by eliminating waste and ensuring there are no conflicts between government officials and those that do business with the county, that includes that conflicts of interest are addressed and investigated promptly to maintain the trust and respect of our citizens.  Remember, it is your hard earned tax dollars that need to be put to work responsibly and efficiently.